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S7 DB Initializer

Set Data Block's "initial value" with actual data

When a datablock is created, the programmer can assign an “initial value” to each variable. The S7 editor, when the datablock is first saved (or manually reinitialized), will set current value of each variable with the value contained in the “initial value” field.

The feature is useful to create an initial set of values, but once a program is tested and commissioned it would be useful to save the current values as initial values, so to easily recreate a more realistic default content of the datablock.

Unfortunately, the Step7 editor does not provide a reverse flow of data from current values to initial values, so that all initial values must be manually typed again.

The Runmode S7DBinitializer program does the job automatically, processing a datablock source (text) and generating an updated datablock source to be compiled by the Step7 editor.

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