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S7 DB Raw Data transfer

Copy data blocks' binary contents in raw mode!

S7DB Raw Data tool copies the binary contents of data blocks regardless of the variable format or timestamping value.

If you are an S7 programmer, you are well aware of what the following message boxes mean. With S7DBrawData you can fix all datablocks that would be no longer correctly displayed by the S7 editor.

You can even recast values of different types!

E.g. you can recast INT to S5TIMER type or you can transform a WORD into an ARRAY OF BOOL, all without messing up the datablock!

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Download S7 DB RAW DATA demo version

Download S7 DB RAW DATA manual

With S7DBrawData you can copy data blocks within the same project or coming from different projects, even across DBs of different length. And regardless of actual variables type!

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